All users of the KIPA website should be informed that, there is no guarantee that your supervisor has or the KI Department Officers  provide to the researchers the most updated and complete information. Regulations are regularly updated and programs can change, therefore it is wise to check the original sources. Here we provide a useful list of links.

It is critical that all postdoctoral researchers look for information at:

  1. KI HR central webpage (here you can find information about your employment, including code of conduct, leave of absence, termination).
  2. KI Postdoc Portal  (here you can find information about rules regarding postdoctoral training).
  3. KI Staff Portal  (here you can find information about rights, obligations and opportunities for employees as well as information on academic unions).
  4. KI International Staff Office  (here you can find information about your stay in Sweden and at KI).
  5. KI Career Service (here you can find information about advance training offered at KI to students and researchers, including postdocs).

It is very important that all postdoctoral researchers check the administrative information themselves.

For example, some administrators at your department might tell you: 'you will receive a stipend of X SEK which is tax-free and this is good for you'.
This is rather misleading information because while it is true that stipends are tax-free, stipends holders are not entitled to
  • Unemployment benefit 
  • Sick leave 
  • Full parental leave 
  • Student benefits 
  • Holiday allowance
  • Working hours limit
  • Student supervision responsabilities

Please note that some information might be accessible only when navigating from within the KI intraweb.
For these cases, please ask:
  1. your PI
  2. your (future) colleagues
  3. KIPA


In Sweden, a postdoctoral researcher can be appointed in three different ways:

  1. Stipend/Scholarship for maximum 2 years, if you are an expat or do not hold a Swedish PhD degree.
  2. External scholarship (your own funding).
  3. Employed under the Kollktivavtal agreement for maximum 2 years. This type of contract can be signed maximum within three years after PhD graduation.
  4. Employment with the LAS/ALVA (temporary) contract for maximum 2 years. This type of contract does not have an official time restrain to be signed. However, keep in mind that accordingly to Swedish Law, a researcher can be appointed as postdoc until 6 years after PhD graduation.

In summary, you can be a postdoctoral researcher in Sweden for a total of maximum 6 years after graduation. This term might change, depending on the implementation of the Research Bill 2016/17:50, where the Swedish government did not change anything regarding postdoctoral working and training conditions but expressed a concern that a long postdoc period will prevent reaching professional stability and job security early enough in one’s life.

For more inofmration on the different social benefits provided by scholarships or employemnt contracts, please read this page: