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Anna De Geer, PhD
Health Economics Manager at Pfizer

Anna De Geer started her career at Karolinska Institutet in 1995 when she began her studies at the Biomedicine Master’s program. After completing her studies and after two years abroad (1 year studying in Australia and one year working at Duke University in the US) Anna began her PhD studies at the Department of Oncology/Pathology in the group of Rolf Kiessling. She defended her thesis in 2007 within the field of tumor immunology. After a short project-based position at former IMS Health, Anna started as a consultant at a Health Economics consultant bureau. Beginning as a Research Analyst, she advanced to become a Project Leader. In 2013, Anna was hired as a Health Economics Manager by Pfizer. At Pfizer, Anna’s job centers around showing what value new pharmaceuticals that Pfizer develop bring to patients and making sure that they receive reimbursement in Sweden. Anna really likes her job, especially since it positions her in between the Medical division and the Commercial division at Pfizer. She gets to collaborate cross-functionally with very skilled colleagues with diverse backgrounds and she still gets to dig into scientific results at the same time as she works with clinical data, numbers and calculations.