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Domenico Palumbieri, PhD
Pharem Biotech AB
Chief of Laboratory

Domenico was born in Palermo (Italy), and got his Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology in 2006 and his Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine in 2010. Domenico then worked as a Post Doctoral scientist for a total of six years between the Italian Institute of technology (Genova, Italy), Columbia University Medical Center (New York, USA) and Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden) in the fields of Virology, Glycobiology, Nanotechnology and Neuroscience. In 2016, he did and internship at Inervention AB as Director of Scientific Department sponsored by Karolinska Institutet. In 2016 Domenico joined Pharem Biotech AB as Lab Chief. Domenico is currently Head of Enzyme Development at Pharem Biotech AB where he is supervising a group of scientists that are working on, e.g. discovery of novel enzyme activities relevant to bioremediation, biomanufacturing, and other relevant biotechnological areas.