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Eleni Kopsida, PhD
Business Analyst - Real World Evidence.

Eleni Kopsida holds a BSc in Psychology from Aristotle University, an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Bristol and a PhD in Behavioural Genetics from Cardiff University, where she studied sex differences in the brain and the role of the Y-linked SRY gene. Prior to joining IQVIA, Eleni worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet (KI), where her work involved deploying neuroimaging (fMRI) studies in the area of behavioural economics. Eleni served as Secretary and Chair of the KI Postdoc Association and she co-founded the non-profit organisation Vetenskap i Samhället (ViS) with the aim of promoting public awareness of science through the biennial Hjärnfestivalen (Stockholm’s first comprehensive public-science festival) and other public engagements. Eleni joined IQVIA in 2016, bringing more than ten years of cross-disciplinary research experience across the fields of psychology, neuroscience and genetics. Eleni is currently an Analyst in IQVIA in the field of real world evidence and health economics, where she manages and supports projects on various disease and therapeutic areas, including observational retrospective studies, pricing and reimbursement submissions, and stakeholder mapping.