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Healthcare and health insurance
Everyone working at KI is covered by personal injury insurance in case illness or accidents occur during working hours or during travel to and from work. 
Healthcare in Sweden is NOT free. Visiting a primary-care physician costs 200 SEK, a specialist 350 SEK and an emergency clinic around 400 SEK; that is if you have a Swedish personnummer or another kind of insurance (European health insurance card). If you do not have this, you will have to pay the full costs (1600-2200 SEK).
To get a personnummer (if you are planning to stay more than one year in Sweden), you need to have valid medical insurance (see personnummer). As soon as you have your personnummer, it is enough to give your personnummer and a valid ID in order to get the same reduced fees as all other Swedes at the GP (general practitioner) or emergency care. However, to get the same fees at the dentist, you need to be part of försäkringskassan (the social security system).
If you are planning to stay less than one year, make sure you have health insurance from your home country.
Work-related health issues
Karolinska Institutet has an arrangement with Previa regarding occupational health care. So if you suffer from work-related issues, such as work-related injuries (back problems) or psychological problems, you can contact Previa. For more information on Previa, see KI's internal website. Even though the website states that these services are for all employees, we have received the confirmation that these services are also available for ALL postdocs, whether you are employed or working on a stipend.
Försäkringskassan (or the Swedish social security system)
For more details please click here .
Healthcare advisory service (Vårdguiden)
The hotline is: 1177
They can provide addresses and telephone numbers of all public health providers in Stockholm. You can also find information on their website:
If you fall ill or need medical advice, you should contact your local primary care centre (vårdcentral) or clinic (husläkarmottagning). Usually they will have contacted you with information as soon as you receive your personnummer. The doctors at these medical centres can refer you to specialists if necessary.
Emergency care
The emergency number is 112. If you suddenly become seriously ill or injured, you should go to the accident and emergency clinic (akutmottagning) at a hospital (sjukhus):
  • Karolinska University Hospital, Solna; 08-5177 00 00
  • Astrid Lindgrens Children's Hospital: 08-5177 71 02
  • Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge: 08-5858 00 00
  • Danderyd Hospital: 08-655 50 00
  • Söder Hospital: 08-616 10 00
  • S:t Eriks Eye Hospital, Polhemsgatan 50: 08-672 31 00
  • S:t Görans Hospital, S:t Göransplan 1: 08- 587 010 00
There are also local emergency units (närakut). For more information you can call vårdguiden.
Dental care
If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you are entitled to the same emergency dental care as Swedish citizens (provided that you are covered by health insurance in your home country and you can show an EU Health insurance card). If you are ‘in’ försäkringskassan, you are also eligible for benefits for some procedures. If not, you will have to pay more than Swedish citizens.
The prices for a check up are not fixed. You can find dentists at  You can get a ‘discount’ if you book a ‘sista minuten’ (last minute); however, this means that you might end up travelling quite a bit. 
Otherwise, city dental seems to be cheaper: