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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network


Another exciting year is about to end... but an even more exciting one will start soon!!​​

We invite ALL postdocs to JOIN our efforts! Together we make KIPA bigger and more effective for all the community!​​

As in every year, we will have our general meeting.

>> This is YOUR opportunity to give us feedback on our activities, bring to our attention your concerns, ask us questions, get to know who runs KIPA, get involved, and VOTE for the elected executive board for 2018 (chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary).<<

(1) As in previous years, the Chairperson of KIPA will give a short presentation on the activities and the achievements of KIPA in 2017.
(2) Following, there will be a Q&A with the 2017 KIPA board at the panel and brief presentation of the candidates for the 2018 board.

Tomtebodavägen 6
Solna Campus

December 5th
17:30-18:30, followed by mingle



Candidate 1: Eva Berg, Neuro


I am Eva Berg, a postdoc at the KI Neuroscience Department since May 2015. I joined KIPA in autumn 2015 and have since served as the association’s treasurer. As such I reached out to sponsors for our events and I lead the organization of our annual KIPA fundraising party. Additionally I coordinated the (ongoing) initiative to found the Swedish Network for Postdoc Associations that aims at connecting postdoc (associations) from different universities.

I am a passionate advocate of postdoc rights and working conditions and think KIPA has helped a great deal in improving the postdoc life at KI over the last years. We need to keep up this good work of giving KI postdocs a voice, providing support through a strong peer network and helping in ensuring good postdoctoral training conditions. 


Candidate 1: Eva Daskalakis, MBB

I’m Eva Daskalakis, and a postdoc at MBB. I joined KI in March 2017, and KIPA shortly thereafter. Until now I have volunteered at different KIPA-organized events, such as the ‘Careers Outside Academia’. I was able to co-organize the annual KIPA Party, and became the liaison between KIPA and the International Consortium of Research Staff Association (ICoRSA). I am a passionate advocate of postdoc rights within the workplace, and as such have been actively developing a plan to write an article regarding the new legislation affecting postdocs in Sweden with the current Chair (Elisa) and Vice Chair (Alessandro). I previously served two years in the Early Career Members Network (EMN) Committee of the Metabolomics Society where some of my main tasks were to develop training and learning opportunities for PhDs and postdocs internationally. My major contribution was the planning and setting-up of a webinar platform for new and established researchers to present their work- this included the training of other EMN members, across the globe. As such, I would like to be given the opportunity to contribute to KIPA in the following two main areas: (1) in the training opportunities of postdocs at KI, and (2) in its advocacy to protect and improve the rights of postdocs ensuring an internationally recognizable, as well as transferrable postdoc program.  "


Candidate 1: Nina Jensen, MBB


My name is Nina Jensen. I’m a postdoc at MBB and I joined the KI postdoc association (KIPA) about a year ago. KIPA is run by postdocs who want to improve the postdoc experience at KI and give postdocs an organized voice. I believe in this cause and I wish to contribute by taking an active role in KIPAs executive board. As treasurer, I will focus on raising money for KIPA, so the KIPA team can continue to organize high-quality professional development events. I’m enthusiastic about techniques for writing and presenting clearly and convincingly. I will use this skill-set to communicate efficiently with sponsors and raise money for KIPA. If you want to learn more about me, then check out my blog posts at the KI Career Blog .  "

Candidate 2: Konstantina Kilteni, Neuro 


I am Konstantina Kilteni, a postdoc at KI in the Neuroscience Department since 2015.

I have been an active member of KIPA during the last 3 years. My main contribution was the creation, maintainance and improvement of the KIPA webpage.  I would like to extend my contribution by taking the role of treasurer of KIPA.

Come to meet us!



Candidate 1: Fatima Memic, MBB


I am Fatima Memic, a postdoc at KI, MBB, since 2013. I have been an active member of KIPA for 2 years now, where I have contributed to the advocacy work that we do, the organization of our various events and the Swedish Postdoc Association Network aiming to bring together postdocs from around Sweden.  

For next year I would like to continue contributing and building the postdoc community at KI by taking a more active role as the secretary of KIPA.