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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network


Explore your career options after postdoctoral training.
Round table discussion and social mingle with former postdocs.

Date: 26 May 16:30 - 18:30
Location: MF salen, Nobels väg 10, Campus Solna

Are you thinking about changing your career path? Are you wondering what skills are required to make such a change? If you are, then join our round table and get first-hand insights from previous postdoc trainees who successfully took the leap and pursued a non-academic research career path!

To enhance your experience and get your questions answered, there will be one keynote speech to open the event and then you’re up! There will be round tables with professionals of different career options where your PhD and postdoctoral training can become handy. You will have the chance to sit at up to 3 tables, but don’t worry! If the conversations get interesting or you still have questions for any of our invitees, a mingle will close the event. Mingle closes 19.30

Our invited professional are from a broad range of opportunitites:

  • AstraZeneca: Magnus Nord
  • European Center for Disease prevention and Control: Eeva Broberg and Barbara Albiger
  • IMS Health: Jenny Svärd
  • KI Grants Office: Björn Kull
  • KI Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (teaching): Amelie Plymoth
  • Naturvetarna: Andreas Nyström and Ann Lundström
  • Pharem Biotech: Domenico Palumberi
  • Quintiles: Stephanie Darmanin
  • SciWri: Angelika Hofmann
  • Vinnova: Karin Aase

Read more about the professional profiles of our invitees in the event booklet .

This event was organised by KI Postdoc Association in collaboration with KI Career service and sponsored by IMS Health.

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