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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network


Another exciting year is about to end a new one will start soon: let’s make KIPA thrives!
As every year, we will have our general meeting. This is your opportunity to give us feedback on our activities, bring to our attention your concerns, ask us questions, get to know who runs KIPA, get involved, and vote for the elected executive board for 2017 (chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary).

The Chairperson of KIPA will also give a short presentation on the activities and the achievements of KIPA in 2016. The presentation is followed by a panel discussion with the 2016 elected executive board.

Tomtebodavägen 6
Solna Campus

Thursday, Nov 24th
17:30-18:30, followed by mingle.


Chairperson: Elisa Floriddia.


I’m Elisa and a postdoc at MBB. I’ve been at KI for two full years and last year I had the opportunity to chair the KI Postdoc Association.
It has been an incredible experience and I am grateful to all the active members of KIPA for all their support and drive to achieve the goals we set for KIPA at the beginning of 2016!
As chairperson, I coordinate the work of KIPA (provide information, promote and organize professional development, improve working conditions, keep connected with postdoc association around the world and follow their activities, keep updated on national and international policies influencing the postdoctoral training), propose goals and activities to the executive board, keep the KI postdoc community updated through the newsletter, keep contacts with KI administration and leadership to improve the postdoctoral experience at KI.
I also listen, listen, listen to the proposals of the other active members of KIPA and the KI postdoc fellows I have the chance to meet and read the concerns you share with us via email or through our surveys.
I would be delighted to continue on this path and please, come to the general annual meeting and share with us how we can make the postdoc experience at KI the best available!


Vice-chairperson: Alessandro Bosco.


I’m Alessandro Bosco, postdoc at MBB since 2014, currently vice-chair of KIPA and I would like to renew my candidature as vice-chair for the next year.
In the last year, I did my best to actively help KIPA to improve working conditions at KI and to organize professional development events for postdocs. For the next year I will contribute along this line and I hope to expand our activity also offering new scientific networking opportunities (KI thematic circles) and promoting mental health and well-being.


Treasurer: Eva Berg.


I'm a postdoc at the KI Neuroscience Department for 1,5 years now and joined the KI postdoc association a bit more than a year ago. I serve as treasurer already since last year and as such of course keep track of the budget, but also stay in contact with potential and current sponsors that we need for organizing events. Should I get reaffirmed as treasurer, this outreach to sponsors will be one of the focus points of my work throughout the next year.
Besides the work as treasurer I of course take part in the discussions and decisions that the executive board is taking and in an initiative to found the Swedish Postdoc Association Network that aims at connecting postdoc (associations) from different universities.


Secretary: Sally Abdelmoaty.


I am Sally Abdelmoaty, a post-doctoral researcher at the department of physiology and pharmacology at the KI. I have been a post doc at the KI for 5 years now, and lived in Stockholm for 8 years, so I know by now what’s needed  not only to survive but also to enjoy life in Sweden. However, I still remember how hard it was for me at the beginning, trying to orient myself and get the help which was not always available!
I believe that KIPA is of great help to new and old post docs as well in this regard, providing much help and making information available to KI post docs. I will be happy to be a part of KIPA, do a more active job within the association and help my fellow post docs as much as I can.
I am an Egyptian expat, a mother, an event organizer and a scientist. I like cooking and travelling and enjoy biking and swimming.