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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network


KIPA is delighted to announce a seminar series for postdoc scientists interested in learning about leadership and project management from hand-picked experts working in academia, industry, and government.

The program is very exciting!
Spanning from tips on building a team in the software development sector to starting up your own lab, enabling innovation, advocating for science and much more.


  • Eva-Karin Anderman, “tba”, Usify (team building). Tue, Feb 28th.
  • Edwin Johnson, “Project management to enable innovation”, Stockholm Brain Institute. Tue, March 7th.
  • Jacqueline Dozier, “Leadership, project and product management within software development”, Schibsted products and technology. Tue, March 21st.
  • Anethe Mansen, “Project management to boost careers”, KI Career Service. Tue, March 28th.
  • Barbara Albiger, “International project management in the public sector”, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Tue, Apr 4th.
  • Anders Karlström, “Successful Leadership in Science”. Leadership in Life Science AB. Tue, Apr 11th.
  • Elisa Floriddia, “Peer-to-peer leadership. We is the new I”, KI Postdoc Association. Tue, Apr 25th.
  • Gonçalo Castelo-Branco, “Build and lead a research lab in academia”, KI Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics. Wed, May 10th.

Where: Hillarpsalen, Retzius väg 8, Solna campus

When: 5pm-6pm plus mingle

You can cherry pick the lectures that most interest you or attend them all!
Registration opens on Feb 14th and closes on Feb 26th.

Register through the following link

The seminar series is organized by KIPA with support from KI Career Service.

Speakers' bios

Eva-Karin Anderman
Eva-Karin Anderman is design director at the digital service design agency Usify. She has a great interest of societal change through service design and a strong belief that cross bordered design processes has the ability to create change in all levels of society. By using design processes, involving the most important drivers of innovation – the coworkers and the users, magical interfaces can be created anywhere.
She has over 15 years of experience of service development, project management of major and minor projects related to service design and service innovation in both private and public funded activities.

Edwin Johnson
PhD Purdue University, USA 1984 Biophysics
PostDoc Brandeis Univ, USA
Associate Professor, Marshall Univ School of Medicine, Dept Physiology, 1987 - 1992
Director, Sibia Neuroscience, Inc. La Jolla, USA 1992 - 1999
Director, AstraZeneca, Wilmingon USA and Södertälje Sweden 1999 - 2012
Dir, Stockholm Brain Institute 2012 - present
Over 50 publication in peer review journals
10 patents files/granted

Jacqueline Dozier
Jacqueline has 10 years of leadership experience in a variety of roles in the software industry, from both big and small companies. She's worked at several software start-ups and at Google, and she is currently a senior product manager for Schibsted Media Group. Jacqueline has a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University.

Anethe Mansén
Anethe has been working as a Career program manager in the Career Service at Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2008. At KI she develops and organizes professional career development seminars, courses and workshops for doctoral students, postdocs, and early-career scientists for researchers aiming for an academic or non-academic career. Furthermore, she plans and organizes Career days on different career tracks as well as internship programs, and provides counseling regarding career paths, research funding, rules and regulations.
Anethe Mansén received her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at KI 2003 and has experience working in the Biotech industry as well as being a researcher and university teacher.

Barbara Albiger
Expert Microbiology, Microbiology Coordination Section, Office of the Chief Scientist European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Albiger obtained her PhD degree in molecular and cellular biology in 1998 from the University of Strasbourg, France, and then in 2008 became Associate Professor in medical microbiology from Lund University, Sweden.
Before joining ECDC in 2011, she worked at the Karolinska Institute and the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (1998 ̶ 2006) and at Lund University (2006 ̶ 2011), where she coordinated research projects on the role of innate immunity in protection against bacterial infections.
At ECDC, she was the Programme Manager and the Deputy Head of the Programme, Antimicrobial Resistance & Healthcare-Associated Infections from 2011 to 2015. In 2016, she joined the Microbiology Coordination Section to support ECDC mandate of fostering sufficient capacity within the European Union for the diagnosis, detection, identification and characterisation of infectious agents which may threaten public health. Since 2017, she joined the Scientific Advice Coordination Section to promote ECDC scientific excellence and leadership to become a major resource for scientific information and advice on infectious diseases for the Member States and their citizens'
She is passionate about public health and microbiology. Her interest lies in how to gather high quality data and information for actions and how to effectively translate the data and to communicate them to a wider audience of policy makers and general public.

Anders Karlström
Anders is a Senior Leadership Consultant and holds a Ph.D and an Assoc. Professor/ Docent in Medical Science.  
Anders has been trained and worked in Life Science for more than 35 years. He has more than 25 years experience in R&D leadership, organisational & business development in small innovative Biotech companies, large pharmaceutical companies, private & public health care, as well as in academic leadership. 
Anders has a proven track record of strategic- & operational leadership and business development in many different innovative/academic environments and company cultures e.g. Australia, Italy, Sweden, the UK and the USA, where he has been responsible for improving leadership, increasing productivity, quality and level of innovation. Over the years he has developed and implemented strategic initiatives and large investment proposals with the aim of  generating profound change. 

Elisa Floriddia
Elisa is a neuroscientist who is engaged by basic and pre-clinical research questions in the topics of neuroregeneration, neurodevelopment biology, and regenerative medicine.
She studies glial cells as a postdoctoral researcher at Karolinska Institutet. Currently, her favorite cells are oligodendrocytes. These cells wrap axons with myelin and allow neurons to function. Oligodendrocytes probably have a lot more tasks and she wants to find them out.
She enjoys brainstorming on evidence-based results in order to generate new hypothesis with her fellow scientists. She likes to integrate innovative technologies and approaches in her work, when relevant to address her research questions.
She also pursues continuous professional development in science and she has a great interest in effective leadership and management styles. Furthermore, she think it is important to get involved and advocate for science and scientists.

Goncalo Castelo-Branco
Goncalo is Associate Professor at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics. He started his independent lab in 2012 and has an impeccable publication record as leading and senior author with 24 published papers in Science, Nature, PNAS, and EMBO journal among others. He was awarded grants from ECTRIMS, FP7 Career Integration Grant, MSCA, VR, and ERC among others.
He started his lab with two postdoctoral fellows and grow it up to currently more than 10 members.
Goncalo is very engaged also at teaching and leadership level. He has organized several postdocotral courses at KI and conferences and he was actively involved in KI Junior Faculty, of which he was chair between 2014 and 2015.