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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network

KIPA and Unions SULF/Naturvetarna Joint Seminar: Postdoc Working Rights in Sweden

SULF presentation


KI elections for Deputy Vice-Presidents for Research, Doctoral Education, and Education - KIPA's Interviews with the candidates

KI Elections - KIPA's interviews

KIPA advocacy actions:

KIPA's commentary on Vetenkapsrådets "Forskningsöversikt medicin och hälsa 2019" draft, a document by the Swedish Research Council to inform policy making in biomedical research

KIPA's proposal of a structured postdoctoral training program to the Board of Research, June 2018

Proposal Training Program

KIPA statement regarding postdoc stipends - seminar in Almedalsveckan 2018

Almedalsveckan 2018

Swedish Government proposal to change the academic career system

KIPA's article addressing the amended Research Bill in Sweden featured in NatureJobs Blog (2018)
Trygghet och attraktivitet – en forskarkarriär för framtiden (SOU 2016:29)

KIPA Referral Response to SOU 2016:29
JF-KI and KIPA survey on SOU 2016:29
KIPA letter to the Swedish Ministry for Higher Education and Research
Biträdande Lektor Summary from Junior Faculty at KI

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VR's Forskningsöversikt draft

KIPA's commentary