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Visa/work permits 
A visa to enter Sweden for a period of maximum three months is required for citizens of some countries
You can find the application form here .

If you plan to stay in Sweden longer than three months and are not a citizen of a Nordic country, you will need to contact the Swedish Migration Board, Migrationsverket . Students/researchers from EU/EEA countries may contact the Migration Board after they arrive in Sweden, but must do so no later than three months after entry. There is no cost to register the right of residence for EU/EEA citizens and it is valid as long as you reside in Sweden and fulfil the requirements specified on the Migration Board's website. 

Researchers who are not from a Nordic or EU/EEA country must apply for a residence permit prior to departure. The residence permit card must be obtained before entry into Sweden and processing times can be long. 

If your studies/work last longer than the period granted in your first residence permit, you will need to apply for an extension approximately three months before the permit expires. You may do this from within Sweden. The application fee for both the initial residence permit and the extension is 1 000 SEK. 

Persons applying for a visa to visit Sweden are required to have medical travel insurance covering the entire Schengen area. For more information contact your department or the HR department.