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How does my postdoc get health insurance?
Basic health insurance comes with the personnummer, so it is very important that your postdoc gets this. The application process for a personnummer differs depending on nationality. 
How does my postdoc get personnummer?
One has to apply for a personnummer by going to skatteverket in person.
Upon application, one needs:
  1. Valid passport (if you are a citizen of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, a valid passport or a valid national identity card). 
  2. Residence permit and residence permit card if you are a citizen of a country outside the EEA or if you are stateless that is valid for at least 12 months at the day of application. 
  3. Work certificate from KI (which proofs that you are staying for at least 1 year) 
  4. Proof of proper health insurance (if you are an EEA citizen: valid European health insurance card from home country) 
  5. Registration certificate from the Migration Board if you have one and documentation showing you have right of residence (if you are an EEA citizen).  
  6. Marriage certificate or other document that confirms your relation to a family member who is an EEA citizen and has right of residence in Sweden. Please bring also a residence permit card if you have one. 
  7. Documentation proving your marital status
  8. Birth certificates if you have children. 
  9. Sometimes postdocs on stipend were asked to bring a letter stating that they are able to cover their living costs for their whole stay in Sweden!]  

Reasons for rejections (which results in lack of health insurance):
too short contract: stipend of 6 months does not show an intend to stay for longer than a year; the postdoc will need a official statement that he/she intends to stay for longer than one year.
no valid health insurance at time of application (for EEA residents): EEA residents need a valid European health insurance card at the time of application. This means that they need to keep their health insurance in their home country, until their personnummer is approved. You will have to inform your newly arriving postdoc* about this, so that they can lie to their home country about their leaving date.  
residence permit not valid for 12 months at day of application: a residence permit will be valid for the complete duration of the agreement between the postdoc and KI, with a maximum of 2 years at the time; this permit needs to be valid upon arrival in Sweden and it needs to still be valid for 12 months at the day of application for a personnummer in skatteverket, so the total duration has to be longer than 12 months. 

* A postdoc from within the EU that has lived outside the EU may have additional problems. Most likely this postdoc does not have any health insurance in his/her home country anymore and the health insurance in the previous country of residence might have been coupled to his/her previous employment. Apparently there is a private Swiss company that supplies a private health insurance for these persons, so that they can use this health insurance to be eligible to apply for a personnummer.

Besides a personnummer (basic health insurance), the postdoc will also need to join försäkringskassan to get reduced dental fees, a European Health Insurance Card, child allowance, and the basic level of parental leave.