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?Are you paying a fair rent
Coming as a foreigner to Stockholm, it can be extremely hard to navigate the housing market. It is, as you have surely realized, very expensive to rent an apartment in Stockholm with prices often starting at 10,000 SEK. Hence, if you are planning to rent an apartment, there are a few things you should know about the Swedish housing market. The first crucial difference that you should be aware of, in order to minimize the risk of paying an illegally high rent, is that between a hyresrätt and a bostadsrätt. Literal translations would be hiring right and residence right, respectively.

Simply put, a hyresrätt is an apartment that is in a building where the rent is negotiated between Hyresgästföreningen, literally Association for Hiring Guests, and the owners of the buildings that house the apartments with the hyresrätter in them. The person who has the hiring right is allowed to sublet his/her apartment. However, they are by law NOT allowed to charge more than they are charged themselves. They can add ~15 % if the apartment is furnished. If you suspect that you are paying more than you are supposed to (check with your neighbours to find out what they are paying), it could be worth your time to contact Hyresgästföreningen ( here ). They will represent you in getting back the money that you have paid on top of what the one having the hyresrätt is himself/herself charged. You can file a case for the rent 12 months back in time, so there can be quite some money to get back!

A bostadsrätt on the other hand is an apartment that is owned by an individual person. When subletting these apartments, the owner is allowed to charge more than he is paying himself, but the rent should still be reasonable (look here for information about that, in Swedish). Importantly, the one subletting NEEDS a permit from the bostadsrättsförening, literally Association of Residence Rights, that the bostadsrätt in question will be part of. If such a permit has not been granted, whatever contract you may have with the owner of the bostadsrätt is of no consequence and you can be thrown out of the apartment immediately. Always make sure, you see the permit in writing before you sign anything.

Summing up:

If you are subletting a hyresrätt, investigate whether your rent is higher than those of your neighbours who are not subletting

If you suspect that you are being charged an illegally high rent, contact Hyresgästföreningen who can represent you in the legal steps against the one you are subletting from

If you are subletting a bostadsrätt, always make sure that the owner has a permit from his bostadsrättsförening

Finding accommodation

Finding accommodation in Stockholm is a challenge, so you should start looking something long before your actual arrival. 

What are the options?

  1. ​Read the KI Housing Guide for international students
  2. Keep in mind that ​ KI Housing only helps incoming international researchers (and students). Researchers that have been in Sweden for more than three months are unfortunately not eligible to apply for accommodation through KI Housing, because KI Housing is intended to be a first place to stay when a researcher is coming from abroad.
  3. The corporate agreements can be used by eligible applicants who cannot get accommodation in any of the KI Housing areas. Information about the corporate agreements:

  • Bostad Direkt has a service for individuals who are searching for a private sublet. You can find more information about this service on their website:
  • One website that is not included there is:  You pay 298 SEK for the first month, but they send you messages with available apartments, even first-hand contracts! Check out also our little listing!

  • Generally, there are many offers on Blocket ( ) and other websites but it does not mean that you will necessary get a lot of response from people who posted them! So be patient! Make sure that you say a few words about yourself in your email/application. Making a good impression is always a plus, instead of saying only: "Hi, when can I see your apartment?".

Check the distance as well...

Before you make a decision about moving in somewhere, you may check the transport options from this place ( ). 

What is the average price for rent in Stockholm?  

1. According to KI Housing :
The average rent for a private room in a shared apartment is about SEK 3000 up to SEK 9000 a month depending on size and location (rooms in the city center are usually much more expensive than a room in the suburb).
The rent for a studio is about SEK 6000 to SEK 14000 per month (also depending on size and location). 

According to the latest contracts KI Housing has signed with Bostad Direkt, Apartment HS and Newstay for students/researchers, the average rent has been the following:

Studio – 9 000 to 13 500 a month
1 bedroom apartment – 13 500 to 14 500
2 bedroom apartment – 15 000 to 18 000

Studio – 7 000 to 11 000 a month
1 bedroom apartment – 11 000 to 12 500
2 bedroom apartment – 11 000 to 15 000
2. According to Bostad Direkt (update of Feb 2016) 
the rents range 
-between 13 000 - 15 000 SEK/month to live in Stockholm city,
-between   8 000 - 12 000 SEK/month, to live in the suburbs.

Watch your step...

And one last tip:  be careful during your house-hunt, as some of the offers are scams.

Common sense rules apply – DO NOT pay anything until you meet the person, confirm his or her identity, see the place, and sign a contract.
Typical scams include offers with contact number starting by 0044, which is not necessarily from UK.
This blog can help you recognize common scam/scammer profiles in the Stockholm housing market: Moving 2 Stockholm