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Unemployment Benefits:

Income insurance in Sweden (A-kassan) – if you have a salary 

If you become unemployed in Sweden, there is no automatic unemployment compensation that is paid out. Instead, there is the possibility to join A-kassan, which is an insurance that covers people if they become unemployed. 

As an academic the appropriate A-kassan is Akademikernas a-kassa (AEA). The requirements to be able to join them is that one has visited a university and received 180 high points (120 points in the old system) or an academic degrees that is the equivalent of 180 points AND that one is working in Sweden. If you are a member of one of the Saco-S unions, you do not have to send in your university degree. Their monthly fee is 90 SEK. 

If you become unemployed and you fulfil their conditions (member for 12 months, living in Sweden, have worked for the last year; for full information in Swedish see ) they will pay 80 % of your salary (therefore nothing if you are on a stipend!), but max 14960 SEK before tax and it takes about 1 month before the first payment comes through. 

If you have not been a member for 1 year, you can maximally get the so called grundbelopp, which is a maximum of ~ 7000 SEK. (Less if you have not worked 100 %!) However, you still have to fulfil their conditions. 

By the way, if you cancel your job, you won’t get any unemployment benefits for the first 45 days! However, if you get sacked or your contract runs out, you will be covered from day 1.

If you have been employed by the Swedish government for more than 3 years (in the last 4 years), you will be covered extra by  Trygghetsstiftelsen . However, if you are not likely to be employed for 3 years, you might want to consider to get an additional insurance. 
Additional insurances for unemployment by Naturvetarna 

If you earn more than 18700 SEK/month, you will not get the total 80 % paid out. However, there is an option to boost your unemployment money. Naturvetarna offers a complementary and a supplementary income insurance. 

The Complementary Income Insurance gives you 80 % of your previous income not capped to 14960 SEK (max income 80 000 SEK), for about six months. To get this, you need to be a member with Naturvetarna (230 SEK/month) for at least 12 months, you need to pay AEA and you have to be working for at least 12 months within the last 18 months. The same rules about karenzdagar and quitting your job apply as with AEA. 

The Supplementary Insurance (tilläggsförsäkring) gives you compensation for another 180 day-period with 80 % (maximum of 80 000 SEK/month) day 121-200 and 70 % day 201- 300. To get this, you need to pay another fee, which is dependent on your recent income (e.g. if you earn 30000 SEK it costs 56 SEK/month) and you need to pay it for at least 18 months. 

If you are a member of SULF (or another union that belongs to Saco-s?), you can have a double membership for an additional 34 SEK, for this insurance. 

One more thing: Being a member of Naturvetarna does not mean that your A-kassan is paid, you need to sign up for that individually. On the other hand, you do not need to be a member of Naturvetarna to get your basic A-kassan benefits.