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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network

From June 2016, the minimal postdoc stipend level is set at 22.600 SEK per month. If you are working on an internal (KI) stipend, the level should be between 22.600 and 30.000 SEK per month. If you are working on an external stipend, KI should make sure that your monthly income is top up to 22.600 SEK as well. The minimal postdoc salary is currently 28.800 SEK per month before taxes (approx 22.600 SEK after taxes). 

The percentiles of postdoc salaries (in the medical, dental, and veterinary sciences) across Sweden, according to SULF (one of the trade unions), are:

Bottom 10%: 28.700 SEK
Bottom 25%: 30.000 SEK
Median:          32.675 SEK
Highest 25%: 33.900 SEK
Highest 10%: 35.500 SEK

Average:         33.000 SEK 

These percentiles are reported as before taxes. The income after taxes is 30% less.
Also, these percentiles do not state anything about the level of experience of the postdoc, but you could use this information when talking about your monthly income with your principal investigator. NB The salaries at KI seem to be at the very low end, but it can be good to aim high.
Sweden does not have a law that determines a general minimal income. Wages are negotiated by unions. Salaries get yearly increased due to these negotiations. However, the unions were not fully aware of the stipend system.

It is important for all postdocs to join a union, so that also stipends can be negotiated in the future. Our aim is to couple the minimal stipend level to the minimal salary, so that it will get increased 'automatically'. We will continue our negotiations with respect to this, but it would be good to have the unions working for all of us on this. KIPA is not a union.