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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network

Swedish universities are governmental institutes: everything is accessible for the general public, including your emails.

Being a post doc at KI - Results of our questionnaires

One of the main aims of the Association is to recognize how the situation of KI postdocs could be improved. Every 1-2 years we send out a questionnaire to all post docs at KI asking about different aspects of their work and life in Sweden. Based on the results, we formulate our agenda and recommendations to KI management. It's very important that all post docs fill in those questionnaires - we believe that this is the best way to inform KI about the current situation! We thank you for your help in the past and we hope to see even more respondents in the future!
You can download the reports of our bi-yearly surveys:

Postdoc representation survey here

KIPA survey 2016   here

KIPA survey 2014   here
How do I choose my PI?
The National Academy of Sciences has published a guide called 'Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers'. It is a very useful guide that can be freely downloaded from the National Academies Press, but we would like to share some of its advice  here .

As from June 2016, the scholarship regualtion at KI changed. Now, the reccommended KI stipend is between 22.600 and 30.000 SEK per month. A higher scholarship is possible in exceptional cases and proper documentation should be provided.
Thank to this new regulation, the income of KI postdoctoral scientists is finally at minimum as high as the maximum income for PhD students after taxes (22 600 SEK/month).

This can be compared with the percentile wages of postdocs throughout Sweden here .
For postdoc scientists on salary, there is not fixed minimum, but the average income is around 33 000 SEK/month before taxes, 23 100 SEK/month after taxes (updated in June 2016).

KI has rules about authorships, that closely follow the Vancouver Protocol . If you have a problem regarding authorship and you and your co-authors cannot come to an agreement, you need to contact the Head of your department. If the Head of your department cannot find a solution, he/she will forward the problem to the Rector. If the rector cannot find a solution, the case will be forwarded to a committee working on Scientific Ethics.
Individual career development plan
Mentoring is very important during your postdoc training year. Building your individual career development plan is just as importnat. Science has created a website on which you can create your individual development plan . KI does not provide a formal mentoring program for postdoc fellows, but you can informally look for your mentor. 
Training courses for post docs
KI Postdoc Association organizes seminar series and workshops for KI postdocs. Postdocs are also welcome to attend PhD courses at KI, even though priority is given to KI PhD students. The courses are free for KI potdocs. Course fees are covered by the Board of Research and KI Postdoc Association sponsors.
For more information see our  news and events pages of this website and KI doctoral courses pages

What to do when you have a conflict with your PI? When you feel harassed or mistreated? Click  here .

Staff support - around the clock telephone counselling
Telephone counselling is available for all employees and scholarship-funded doctoral and post-doctoral students, for quick access to professional support. The staff support includes both work-related and private matters. The service assists with matters concerning, for example, relationship problems, addiction issues, personal crises and questions regarding legal matters (e.g. tenancy agreements) or personal finances. The number is +46(0)200-21 63 00 and the service is available around the clock.
For more information, please visit this website .

Career service
The KI career service provides advice for career development and career skills workshops. See the website below for a list of the upcoming courses and career advice. Please note that some of the courses available to graduate students are also open to Postdocs. Also please see the website to download a copy of the KI Postdoc handbook, with useful information on your working conditions:
And don't forget to sign up for their  newsletter
Grants office
KI grants office exists to give advice and guidance in the completion of grant applications, both from external sources and internally available funds. Also, there are workshops available that give tips as to how to write a successful grant proposal, tailored to specific funding sources, e.g. Marie Curie scholarships. 
Once a grant has been procured the grants office will also manage and liase with the funding body during its implementation. There is a database of potential grant sources on the website in the ‘links’ section. 

Junior Faculty
Junior Faculty is a network of researchers with a PhD but not yet a permanent academic position. Their aim is to offer a discussion forum to promote career development for their target group, including postdocs, research assistants, senior researchers, and researchers with a short-term employment.

Introductory days - International Staff Office
KI International Staff Office arranges introductory days for newly arrived doctoral students and researchers. The course "General introduction to Karolinska Institutet and life in Sweden" is offered twice a term, in February and April and in September and November. The course aims to provide information about Karolinska Institutet and to give important insights into various aspects of life in Sweden. The courses are ran in English. ​​

Your department should inform you of the next available day upon your arrival at KI, but please check the ‘Activity Calendar’ on the International Staff Office website (interwebben ) . International Staff Office prepared the booklet "Useful Facts for Visiting Academics" , with the input of KIPA. It contains useful information on moving to Sweden, insurance, academic life and much more.

And don't forget to sign up for their  newsletter  as well!

When you travel for work, you should be reimbursed for this, whether you are working on a stipend or a salary. For more information, see the  KI travel regulations .

Please note that in the first paragraphs they state that the basic provisions apply for all and that 'there is nothing to prevent the payment of a reduced subsistence allowance or none at all, provided that the employer and the traveller have agreed to this before the business travel starts or the traveller subsequently waives all or part of the subsistence allowance.' So make sure you have agreed on a subsistence allowance before your travels, preferably black-on-white. 
Check also the heading about the travel insurance, again it should be valid for both postdocs on stipends and salaries. 'For business travel to other countries, a personal insurance card, issued by the relevant department, shall be carried.' So make sure you pick up such card from your department.
Academic year and public holidays
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the day before All Saints' Day are parts of Swedish public holidays. You can find the calendar  here