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Our mission is to give KI postdocs a voice and a supportive network

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Hi KI postdocs! The annual election for the KIPA executive board is coming up, so it's your chance to join KIPA in a leading position!

If you are interested in communication, passionate about advocacy, would like to improve postdoc working conditions, want to train your leadership skills, get in contact with KI postdocs from other departments or organize workshops and events... join us and apply for a KIPA board position! Simply contact us until November 26th - and feel free to ask any question that you might have beforehand ( [email protected] ).
Welcome to the website of the KI Postdoc Association!

We are postdocs at KI providing information for current and future postdocs at KI. 
Mission Statement

The KI Postdoc Association is a member-driven organisation, which was founded in 2012 to give the postdoctoral community at KI a voice, a supportive network, and representation.  Our aim is to work closely with KI leadership and administration to achieve the best possible working conditions for KI postdocs, thereby making KI a more attractive place for postdoctoral training in the future. To achieve this major purpose, the KI Postdoc Association focuses on:
  • Building a ‘postdoc community’ whereby people can get personal support from those that work around them and to facilitate access to any information that can enhance the postdoctoral life at KI both personally and professionally.
  • Discussing and addressing issues concerning the KI postdoctoral community’s working conditions.
  • Informing the KI leadership about the issues and concerns raised by the KI postdoctoral community and making recommendations for revision or creation of KI policies aiming to resolve these issues.
  • Promoting scientific interaction and career development within the KI postdoctoral community by promoting and organizing advanced scientific, management, and leadership training.

Important Info on Administrative matters and the Academic Career System at KI (please read)

Interested in our activities?

Thinking about taking an active role in the KI Post Doc Association? 
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Everyone is welcome!
          Stipend range increased from 15 500-25 000 SEK to 20 000-30 000 SEK (Sep 2013);

Försäkringskassan does not reject postdoc fellows on stipend, ID: IM2013:041 (Oct 2013);

Minimum duration of stipend agreements from 6 month to 1 year (July 2014);

Mandatory stipend rule document to be signed by postdoc fellow, PI, and HR department (July 2014);

Visiting Researcher Office prepared the booklet "Useful Facts for Visitng Academics" , with the input of KIPA . It contains useful information on moving to Sweden, insurance, academic life and much more (2014);

Implementation of the Code of Conduct (2015);

Implementation of a Portal for postdoc researchers  in the KI intraweb (2016);

Stipend range increased from 20 000-30 000 SEK/month to 22 600-30 000 SEK/month (June 2016). This change is included in the new KI regulation for postdoctoral scholarships. This document also incorporated other important aspects that KIPA brought to the KI HR attention: it highlights the importance of a postdoctoral study plan, the implementation of the Code of Conduct and the KIMKAT list (the official KI registry for postdoc scientists);

Tested and consolidated the Round Table format for professional development activities (2016-2017);

KIPA joined the ENPA - European Network of Postdoc Associations (2017);

KIPA joined ICoRSA - International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (2017);

KIPA founded the National Postdoc Association in Sweden (SNPA) together with UUPA - Uppsala University Postdoc Association (2018)
KIPA's article addressing the amended Research Bill in Sweden featured in NatureJobs Blog (2018)
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